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Riverside residents rebuilding mobile home park

Riverside residents rebuilding mobile home park

RIVERSIDE, Wash. - A month and a half after a devastating storm swept across the Inland Northwest, Riverside Mobile Home Park continues to rebuild after that storm destroyed over 40 homes.

It took over two weeks after the storm for residents to get power and just last week the boil order on their water was finally lifted. Now the biggest concern is cleaning up the mess the storm left in its wake, with large piles of lumber and debris scattered all over the north end of the park and destroyed homes sitting vacant just as they did the day the storm hit.

Despite the damage and spirits remain high among residents.

"A whole lot of us have gotten our lives together, some of us have decided to move on and everything but a bunch of us is staying here and rebuilding," resident Lonnie Jones.

Jones said a lot of progress has been made but there it still a lot of work to be done. They don't have access to the equipment and resources needed to remove everything.

"We don't have a whole lot of money like some people do have. Everyone is looking at that dollar figure sign and that's not what it's about right now," he said.

Residents say they are appreciative for volunteers who continue to bring clothes and food, but the real help they need now is manpower.

They're frustrated with the unanswered questions and the lack of help from the government to help them rebuild.

"Yes it is private property but there's other places that have been in disasters and they came and they helped them out," Jones.

Because of the Labor Day holiday no one was available from Spokane County to comment on this story.

Jones said the community will do what they can until help is provided and said despite everything the community is closer than ever.

"It's a process that we're going through and it's just going to take some time in getting it back together," he said.

There were contractors on site Monday sorting the wood so a lumber company can come out Tuesday and see if they are able to salvage any of it.