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Retired Marine walks coast to coast to raise money, spread patriotism

REARDAN, Wash. - A retired Marine, on a mission to walk across the United States, is making a pit stop in the Inland Northwest to inspire patriotism and raise money for injured and disabled soldiers.

On Thursday night, Sgt. Chuck Lewis, 62, walked into Reardan pushing a 140-pound cart with supplies to get him the 3,290 miles across the country. Lewis started his journey 11 days ago in Seattle and plans to walk all the way to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.

Lewis said he's walking because he's fed up with the lack of patriotism he sees in younger generations.

Retired Marine walks coast to coast to raise money, spread patriotism

"So many people died for this country, it's like where's it all going? Where's the pride we used to have?," Lewis asked.

Lewis is also raising money to help support programs for injured and disabled vets. He believes the suicide rate among active military is troubling, adding soldiers need more support when they come home.

"We see that happening way too often and the ball is getting dropped somewhere," he said. "I don't have the skill mix, I can't help them. They can talk to me if they like, but I don't have the skill set to help them. But, I can still walk."

To follow Lewis' journey or donate to his cause you can check out his website: www.walkingforthefallen.com.

Lewis says he hopes to raise $50,000 by the time he reaches DC. He plans to be on the road for at least six months.