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Restaurant owners to rebuild after early morning fire

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Investigators spent the day digging through the ashes to determine what caused the fire that burned the Handle Bar Restaurant and Hell Yeah Cycles early Wednesday morning.

Daisy Smith's phone rang at 4 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"We just got the call that the place was on fire, no details," she said.

She and her husband raced to the restaurant they only opened six weeks ago only to find, "flames, smoke, your worst nightmare."

video They found their found their business, the Handle Bar Restaurant and Hell Yeah Cycles burning. Spokane Valley firefighters called a second alarm because they needed more help to put the fire out.

"It's hard when this is your livelihood, your passion, your dream and it's up in flames," Smith said.

Investigators believe the fire may have started in the basement and worked it's way to the attic, collapsing a portion of the main floor as it spread.

"This has been remodeled three or four times so there's a lot of void spaces. It took us a long time to get every bit of it," Pat Schaffer with the Spokane Valley Fire Department said.

The Smiths and a business partner spent almost every day of the past year remodeling the building in order to open last month.

"The guys have put a lot of heart and soul and many, many hours of labor into this.  It's a labor of love," Smith said. "This just kills me. It's Christmas time and we have displaced employees. It's tough. It's very, very tough."

The building suffered severe damage. Firefighters were able to save several bikes, including Keith Adkins' '89 Harley.

"It was my older sister's bike, and she's passed away, so it meant a whole lot to me," Adkins said. "Glad to see it's okay but just a little dirty."

Smith, who even as her building burned ran and got coffee and donuts for firefighters, said they have insurance and will rebuild.

"Like I tell the people at my work, let's put the big girl pants on and lets get going again.  Gotta do it," she said.