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Residents don't want marijuana grow in their neighborhood

Residents don't want marijuana grow in their neighborhood

SPOKANE, Wash. - Not in my community. That's the message from a group of 50 people near Mt. Spokane about a marijuana grow operation in their neighborhood.

Thursday afternoon KXLY learned a permit had been approved by the Washington State Liquor Control Board for a marijuana grow operation at the corner of Mt. Spokane Park Dr., and Forker Rd.

"It's a great place to live," Ken Massender said. "it's great neighbors, great people."

But those who live nearby don't want the marijuana grow operation.

"The reason I live here is so I wouldn't be in this environment and have to live in it," Massender said. "You feel like you are being invaded."

The state approved this property as one of 50 in the state so far, licensed to grow legal marijuana for the first time in Washington history.

Last week, those living in the neighborhood found out about the permit proposal. They then held a meeting where 50 members of the community showed up.

"We're going to so some fact finding in the next few days just to see where we stand," Linda Carver said.

Neighbors fear the operation will bring crime, something they don't want. They add they will deal with it the best they can, now advising other communities to take a closer look at who or what may be planning to move in.

"If you see something in your county or your neighborhood, you better start asking questions," Carver said. "If you don't care, 'Oh well,' then you just suffer the consequences."

"We never thought it would be in our backyard," Massender said. "Well, it's hear in our backward and you should be paying attention because it could be in yours and you don't even know it."

As for what happens next, if the property meets the legal requirements set up by the state then it would be allowed to open for business.