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Reardan kicks off baseball season with field of dreams

Reardan kicks off baseball season...

REARDAN, Wash. - The sunshine might not be here for good just yet, but it stuck around in Reardan on Tuesday, where the high school baseball team is starting off its season on a brand new “Diamonds and Dreams" field. 

Last year, the team couldn't play a single home game, because their field was deemed unplayable.

The KXLY 4 Extreme Team and your Hometown Chevy teamed up to give the field a makeover.
They re-seeded the grounds, and added benches, a playground and even a snack-shack that doubles as a booth for announcers.

The team's first game at their new home was on Saturday. The weather wasn't as nice as Tuesday's, but the team is happy to be off the road and in front of their home crowd. 

“It's awesome to play a home game. We haven't played... we've been on the dang bus forever, so even though it was colder than no other last weekend... at least we were cold at home,” said Coach Matt Clouse.

Fans and family members of the team are excited, too.  

“Oh, I think it means the world, we are here, everybody can come out and support us... it means a lot to us to have this field and the whole communty rally around and support it,” said Kelly Hopper.

Hopper has seen sons, daughters, and now grandsons through Reardan High School.
She's one of many fans thrilled to have a new home.