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Providence shows off new Medical Park

Providence shows off new Medical Park

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Providence is calling their new $44 million facility in Spokane Valley a one stop shop.

The new medical park will meet almost every need of outpatient care, including an in-house pharmacy and coffee shop.

"The vision for this building was that we could provide all services, in one place. So we have family medicine and internal medicine, and if they need to see a specialist, we have specialty care here," said Kathy Tarcon, Chief Operating Officer of Providence Health System.

Providence says the new facility is both convenient and affordable. Visits to urgent care is less costly than emergency room visits, as well as outpatient surgery versus procedures done in the hospital.

"People who live in the Valley don't want to leave the Valley for their care. So that's one reason we decided to build here. 50% of the Valley population goes to our hospitals, but we didn't have a large ambulance presence," said Tarcon.

The doors of the new facility will officially open April 28th for urgent care, family medicine and internal medicine. All other specialties should be open by the end of August.