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Protests against Trump's policies continue in Spokane County

Protests against Trump's policies...

From the steps of DC to the streets of Spokane, people are still voicing their reaction to President Donald Trump's controversial executive orders.

Protesters chanted, cheered and waved signs in front of the GOP Congressional office in downtown Spokane Tuesday.

“Our purpose is to fight basically the Trump agenda, which we think is very damaging to the country by working with our local representatives,” Gail Furman, a protester with Indivisible Spokane, said.

The protesters were hoping to send a message to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

“I think she has to decide when she look in the mirror who she wants looking back at her: a woman of moral courage who stood up to this fascist wannabe dictator or a spineless ideologue who looked away,” protester Lorrie Knoth said.

This protest was in response to President Trump's recent executive orders.

“We had to make the move and we decided to make the move,” President Trump said.

That move created shock waves around the world as the U.S. closed its doors to all refugees and citizens from seven countries for at least 90 days.

“Everybody's just in shock of all of the changes that have come down so fast. It's like a fire hose worth of garbage that's being spewed out on the country,” Cynthia Hamilton, an organizer of the rally with Move On and Indivisible Spokane, said.

Over in Cheney, EWU student and school leaders made it clear they stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees as hundreds rallied on campus.

“We want our students who are members of the targeted group to know that they are not only welcome, but will be vigorously defended to the maximum extent possible,” a member of EWU's President's Committee of Diversity said.

EWU president Dr. Mary Cullinan reiterated those sentiments.

Both groups of protests promise to continue demonstrating until these policies are changed.

The White House maintains these executive orders will help keep the country safe. Many supporters argue the immigration and refugee ban is only temporary.