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Prolific crime fighter retires to play fetch, take naps

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the retirement of one of its most prolific crimefighters, who has left the force to enjoy a retirement filled with play time and naps.

Ekko, a K-9 with the department, retired March 1 after six years with the sheriff's office, where he worked alongside his human partner, Deputy John Cook.

After joining the sheriff's office in 2008, Ekko was accredited for narcotics detection in August of that year and in 2011 became the first K-9 to be cross-trained for SWAT operations.

During his tenure on the force, Ekko racked up an impressive list of collars, including 31 captures, 78 felony arrests, 15 misdemeanor arrests and 357 narcotics finds.

Ekko has been adopted by his human partner John Cook and his family.