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Potholes wreaking havoc on Division

Potholes wreaking havoc on Division

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's hard to call Spokane potholes 'news,' because we know most of you are well aware of how much of a mess Spokane roads are right now.

But one stretch of road in north Spokane is worst than the rest.

There is a massive pothole south of Foothills on Division that is hard to miss when it's light out. But the owner of a nearby business says when it's dark and the crater-like pothole is filled with water, it camouflages with the road and becomes a problem for drivers.

Dan Duncan came to work today and found yet another victim of the mammoth pothole.

Dan explained the damage as, "double flat tires on the right side of the car."

Duncan owns Party City, and his parking lot has become a triage of sorts. Thursday, at least five vehicles were either patched up right there or towed away to be fixed up elsewhere.

He placed a traffic cone near one of the major potholes to warn drivers.

"I had one car go by trying to splash me being funny, and they hit the hole and their brake lights were on for two blocks so I hope they got a flat tire, would be a little bit of poetic justice."

The city has actually been out to patch this stretch, but that only created more problems. Dan said all of the gravel used to fill the potholes is now creating a problem for pedestrians on the sidewalk.

"It's a no win situation for the state really, and the city. They have got a lot to deal with and I understand that."

He knows resources are thin, and everyone is dealing with the same problem but, he said, "when they have a major problem like this one, concentrating on it which this is probably one of many, but getting crews out quickly so there aren't so many people that are paying the price for it."