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Pot stores seeing green

Marijuana revenue continues to grow month to month across state

Pot stores seeing green

SPOKANE, Wash. - When voters approved the sale of marijuana in Washington in 2012, it was predicted that business would be booming across the state. Now, the retail numbers show that sales are continuing to increase revenue month after month.

Back in July, retail numbers across the state were at $3 Million. By October that number had climbed to $13 Million. By the end of February that number had shot up to $22 Million.

Those numbers are thanks to people like Glenda Ulery, who in the middle of the day Thursday was out shopping for weed.

"It's something that I've had off an on throughout my life. For the most part I haven't," she said.

When marijuana was legalized she decided to explore what it could do for arthritis and other health problems.

"It opened the window for me to try to find another alternative method other than narcotic pain meds to treat physical ailments," she explained.

Glenda is like many of the customers at Sativa Sisters; at 56, she's older than the stereotypical marijuana consumer.

"The majority of our customers are over 40 but we see people anywhere from 21 to their 80s," Sativa Sisters manager Eric Skaar said, adding people in this age group just keep walking in.

"We saw about a 25-percent bump in the amount of people that came through our doors so, yeah, we saw a big jump there," he said. "Some people have never used it before, some haven't used it in 30 years. There's just this wide range of people."

Which is adding up on their bottom line. When Sativa Sisters opened last August, sales were near $37,000. Last month, their best month so far, they sold nearly $293,000 in marijuana. And, if statewide sales are any indicator, March may be an even bigger month as, for the first two days of the month, revenue was already close to $2 Million.