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Police seize vehicle possibly involved in fatal hit and run

Police seize vehicle possibly involved in fatal hit and run

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police may have found the vehicle involved a deadly hit and run that claimed the life of 55-year-old Don Foster on February 9. Police seized Teri Johnson's GMC Yukon early Monday morning and interviewed her.

"They just kept asking me if I hit him and I said no, I've stuck to it, I didn't hit him," Johnson said.

Foster was illegally crossing the Mission Avenue bridge near South Riverton Avenue when he was struck by a vehicle. Witnesses told police that Foster was hurled into the westbound lane and struck by several other cars. None of them stopped. After a month of no suspect or leads, police came back to the scene and conducted a two-hour operation. During that time, they received a tip that led them to a home on East Desmet, a couple blocks from the accident, where they found a vehicle matching the description with front end damage. Johnson said it's from crashing into a pole on December 13.

"I was driving into a parking lot, it was a little icy, I was driving a little too fast and I hit a pole," Johnson said.

Court documents show that police found damage to the hood consistent with hitting something soft. They also said a black plastic piece of the grill was missing, which they believe they found at the scene the night of the incident. Johnson said she was home.

"We were just laying there watching TV, I went out to smoke a cigarette, heard the accident, talked to a friend on the phone, talked to another friend on Facebook at the same time," She said.

Police served a warrant to search her phone and are now investigating if those calls made to her friend were at that time of the collision.

"I feel for the man's family, I really do," Johnson said. "But it wasn't me."