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Police recommend charging former prison therapist for sex with inmate

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash, - Police are recommending a former therapist for sex offenders at the Airway Heights Corrections Center face sexual misconduct charges for having inappropriate contact with an inmate.

The Airway Heights Police Department has forwarded a recommendation to authorities that Sarah Brooks face three counts of custodial sexual misconduct for her actions while working as a sex offender therapist at the corrections center.

Brooks resigned her position at the corrections center shortly after she and an inmate were caught in the sexual treatment area of the prison in a compromising position on April 4. Court documents indicate Brooks was found with her shirt up, exposing her bra to the inmate, and her pants were unzipped.

Brooks confessed to showing her breasts to the inmate but initially denied anything else happened. She later amended her statement to say that on several occasions she allowed the inmate to touch her and that on one occasion she performed oral sex on him.

As the interview progressed she confirmed, she had been having an ongoing affair with the inmate. The inmate, who is the victim in this case, confirmed he and Brooks had been having an affair for three months and corroborated Brooks' statements about the sex acts they participated in.

Authorities also seized love letters, written to the inmate by Brooks using an assumed name and phony return address, from the inmate during their investigation into the incident.

The inmate, who Brooks had planned to have an affair with after he was released later this year, is considered the victim in this case and was subsequently transferred to another prison.