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Police investigate body recovered from Spokane River

Police investigate body recovered from Spokane River

SPOKANE - Three hikers discovered a body in the Spokane River around 5pm Friday.


Both the Spokane Police and Fire Departments responded to the scene near the TJ Meenach Bridge, to retrieve the body.


"It took a good two hours, just because of the location. It's kind of a remote area, as well as special equipment needed to get the body out as well," said Lt. Craig Meidl, Spokane Police Department.


The identity and cause of death won't be determined until next week, but police say the body is a white male.


"We actually had a jumper a couple days ago from the Monroe St bridge. Just as officers arrived on scene he jumped. We thought it was him, but it's not," said Meidl.


The body appeared to have been in the river for some time. It's the second body found in recent weeks and officials say it is common to find bodies in the river this time of year.


First of all, as the river begins to warm up, bodies begin to decompose and rise to the surface.


Another factor is the speed of the current. As the ice melts in the mountains, the river speeds can be very rapid releasing things that may be caught in trees and rocks.


For investigators, it's not how the body resurfaced that's on their minds, it's how did the body end up there?


"Typically the majority of the bodies we get out of the river are suicide, but you always find a few once in awhile where somebody dumps a body in the river, and at this point it's just way to soon to tell," said Meidl.