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Police continue to investigate north Spokane rape and kidnapping case

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police continued to investigate the rape and kidnapping of a teenage girl Wednesday.

The girl says she was held against her will at a home in North Spokane Monday morning. Three people have now been arrested in the case.

Court documents say the teen was supposed to buy drugs for three adult women. When that drug deal went bad, things quickly took a very bad turn for the young girl.

Police continue to investigate north Spokane rape and kidnap

KXLY obtained court documents in this case, and more disturbing details continue to emerge from the kidnapping and rape of the 16-year-year-old girl.

The situation started when the teen was given $2,000 to buy "some pills" for Mindee Deligt, Keila Chapman and Merriah Wernsdorfer.

When the girl returned with no drugs, the women became angry. Documents say they placed a piece of clothing over her head and took her to an unknown location. They then told her to take off her clothes.

The details that follow are graphic. The girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by Mindee Deligt.

A short time later, court documents say the 16-year-old was then taken to this garage on North Lincoln near Wellesley. Her wrists and legs were then duct taped to a computer chair and she was wrapped in saran wrap.

The victim says an unknown man, also inside the garage, threatened to kill her and even lit a blow torch.

Police later searched the garage, and found a blow torch, duct tape and Saran wrap all inside.

Neighbors, who don't want to go on camera, say they're shocked, and scared.

"Within maybe this whole block there's probably about 10-15 little girls, from the ages of 17 to 5. It's disgusting, sick and wrong in every single way," they said.

When the suspects left the garage, the girl was able to escape from a small door in the detached garage and ran to a nearby Zip-Trip.

One of the suspects, Mindee Deligt made her first court appearance Wednesday. She's facing charges of 1st degree kidnapping and 1st degree rape. During that court appearance, Deligt was very emotional. Her bond was set at $200,000.

The other two women appeared in court Tuesday. Court documents say a forth person was involved that night. Police have not made any new arrests in the case.