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Police continue search for driver in deadly hit and run

Police continue search for driver in deadly hit and run

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are continuing to canvass the community for information on a deadly hit and run that claimed the life of a homeless man on February 9.

Don Foster, 55, was struck by a gold SUV and killed the night of February 9. Foster was seen walking in the middle of the Mission Avenue Bridge and was hit by the SUV. Witnesses say his body was hurled into the westbound lane and was hit again by multiple cars.

"About four to five more cars hit him, just thunk, thunk, thunk," witness Angela Jepson said.

Sunday night, police put up reader boards on both sides of the Mission Avenue Bridge asking anyone with information on the collision to stop and talk to police. They put the reader boards up at the same time of night when the hit and run occurred, hoping to get people who travel the route during that time of the night to see the reader board and hopefully make the connection.

"The crash happened on Sunday night, so we're doing the emphasis on Sunday night. We're trying to locate any vehicles that match the description that we already have," Spokane Police Officer Paul Taylor said.

Police have been searching for the driver that initially hit Foster, but haven't had have any luck finding that person so far, so they put up reader boards hoping to talk to people who regularly travel that route during the same time the collision occurred.

"Somebody that might have been going on their way to work, or to school or something like that," Taylor said.

Police say Sunday night's operation brought in several tips, which they needed because most of their leads had been exhausted.

"Like in any crime, when the trail goes cold, the longer it goes out the harder it is for us," Taylor said.

Anyone with information who didn't speak with police Sunday night is asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.