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Police arrest two after stolen car crashes into cruiser

SPOKANE, Wash. - 23806118

Spokane Police has two suspects in custody after tracking a stolen car all the way from Browne's Addition to the South Hill.

It started around 8 pm Monday night when police received a report of a stolen 2013 white Ford hatchback around 8th and Maple.

Officers were unable to locate it at that location, but did spot it soon after in Browne's Addition. Several officers used their cars to block the Ford in but the driver gunned the engine and crashed into one of the cruisers, forcing it out of the way and speeding off.

Police lost track of the vehicle for about 20 minutes when it was spotted at an apartment complex near Mt. Vernon and 27th on the South Hill.

A K9 unit was brought in and led officers to a house about a block west. That homeowner then came out and notified police that he believed there were two people hiding in his garage.

Police took Christina H. Edwards, 27, and Gary Jack Todd, 32, into custody. Todd had an outstanding warrant and will face charges of first degree assault. Edwards will be charged with rendering criminal assistance.