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Police arrest second suspect for WSU professor beating

PULLMAN, Wash. - Around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Pullman police announced a second suspect has been arrested in connection to the brutal beating of a Washington State University professor.

Officers said they arrested Joshua Nantz, 23. The WSU student faces charges of first-degree assault, which is a Class A felony.

He is being held in the Whitman County jail and is expected to be in court on Thursday.

On Wednesday afternoon, police arrested the first suspect in connection to the case. Police said a tip from western Washington led them to Madeline Fouts, 21. She faces charges of rendering criminal; assistance and providing false statements, but was not directly involved in the assault.

Four people were caught on surveillance video, walking away from the area where David Warner was beaten outside a bar on March 30. Police are still looking for the other two suspects.

As of Thursday morning, Warner remained in critical condition at Sacred Heart Medical Center.