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Pateros resource center opens after FEMA denies assistance

Pateros resource center opens after FEMA denies assistance

PATEROS, Wash. - A new facility to help coordinate donations and assistance is opening in Pateros after hundreds of homes were destroyed in July in the Carlton Complex.

The MARC, Multi-Agency Resource Center, is a place for people who need help can get things like non-perishable food, cloths, house hold items among other things. It's described as a one stop shop for those needing assistance.

"These volunteers are putting together basically Costco in a very tiny spot," Chaplain Brian Paine said.

Paine adds, MARC will be around for the foreseeable future.

"We'll have seasonal items once we hit Halloween and Christmas," Paine said. "I mean it's a long term situation."

The news of the centers opening comes about a week after FEMA denied Washington Governor Jay Inslee's request for individual assistance.

Nearly $28 million in damages was reported, that includes homes, outbuildings, and lost property.

"Right now there is not an answer to what the long term housing is going to be, it's in the works, in the planning stages," Paine said. "We've got people that are going to be in great need for quite awhile."

Gov. Inslee says he is appealing the decision and the MARC is helping.

"We're going to get all those costs, all those needed items to them so we can appeal and we have to have that in by August 26th," Paine said.

He adds they are frantically trying to find everyone affected by these fires. They are asking those who had damage to their home or property to call their city or county government to report it. The state has to gather more data for the appeal process.

Paine says their is concern with winter just a few months away. He says many people don't have a place to live.

Paine adds, a lot of the people who fell victim to the Carlton Complex were not insured or were under insured. He says many in the rural communities are not well off and are struggling to rebuild. He says he's seen the hopelessness in some.

"If people don't get that needed FEMA assistance you're going to see a lot more of that hopelessness," Paine said. "Just because we didn't see a significant loss of life doesn't mean we might not."