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Partially-naked woman rams truck through Port of Moses Lake

MOSES LAKE, Wash. - A partially-naked Idaho woman was arrested in Grant County for damaging the Port of Moses Lake and nearby businesses.

Crystal N Sullivan, 29, is suspected of ramming a Toyota Tundra into a security gate at Moses Lake International Airport at Andrews St. and Patton Blvd. She did not get through the gate. Deputies say Sullivan then rammed through a gate at 22nd Ave. NE and Andrews St. NE and drove onto the airfield.

Deputies say Sullivan then broke into the Forest Service's firefighting air tanker base building. Damage to the building includes a broken window as well as several thousand dollars of damage to the interior.

Sullivan then allegedly drove to the nearby Genie factory, rammed through a security fence, and made it a short distance inside the facility. That's where deputies say she ditched her pickup and stole a golf cart.

Deputies found the partially-naked Sullivan outside of the Genie factory around 6 a.m. Wednesday and took her into custody.

Nobody was injured in the incident.

Sullivan told authorities that she was "defusing a bomb" at the Forest Service station. No bombs were found.

The incident is under investigation.