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Orlison canning Pilsner 37 in support of Team Gleason

Portion of proceeds from Pilsner 37 sales go to Team Gleason

Orlison canning Pilsner 37 in support of Team Gleason

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - It's a big day for Orlison Brewing and Team Gleason, Steve Gleason's ALS foundation as the Airway Heights brewing company unveils its new beer that will help raise money for the non-profit organization.

It's a little hectic at Orlison Brewing, as it always is for canning date, but the guys at the brewery are especially proud of their latest batch of Pilsner 37. It's already been in area bars, but now that it's being canned it opens them up to an entirely new market and it's also great exposure for Team Gleason

Orlison couldn't be happier to be a part of Steve Gleason's foundation. They get some great exposure for a new product and, "it also gives the Gleason Foundation additional revenue from the sales of this so it is a good partnership, we make a good team together," brewmaster Bernie Duenwald said.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of Pilsner 37 go directly to Team Gleason so Orlison hopes the beer sells well.

"As the brewmaster I am pretty proud of this one. It took us a while to develop it. We like to think of it as a big northwest style pilsner," Duenwald said.

The beer has a hop character to it like you might expect in an IPA, and Duenwald combined that taste with a pilsner body for cool, crisp drinkability.

Duenwald said that flavor will be just as true canned as it is coming out of the tap.

"You know some people go out to bars, some people like to take their beverages and go to the lake or the golf course or have them at home on their back deck and once you're in cans that's available," he said.

Pilsner 37 is an excellent beer. King Beverage has already placed an order and you could see this beer in local stores as early as next week.