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One man in custody after police chase in North Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - One man is in custody after a high speed police chase through North Spokane.

Officers arrested 21-year-old Nicholas O'Neill on Tuesday night for vehicular assault and attempting to allude.

The wild chase all started before 8 p.m. as officers were recovering a stolen car, they heard one shot fired and then immediately saw a car driving recklessly from the area of 3300 West Grace.

One man in custody after police chase in North Spokane

Officers started a police pursuit with O'Neill but police say he was so reckless they were forced to end the pursuit. However, a mile later officers started another pursuit with O'Neill but soon lost sight of his car.

Police then saw O'Neill driving at a high rate of speed at Euclid and Division. They say he was "almost airborne." By the time they caught up with O'Neill at Euclid and Post, he had already crashed into another vehicle and injured the driver of that car.

"The officers are describing it as extremely dangerous. We terminated it once, we lost him a second time and because he choose to drive his way, he totaled his car and another car and sent an innocent person to the hospital," Lt. Dean Sprague with the Spokane Police Department said.

Officers started a foot pursuit with O'Neill after the crash. They were able to catch him and arrest him.  Police found a handgun in O'Neill's car. Right now they aren't saying if O'Neill fired the shot that first started the chase.

O'Neill is expected to make his first appearance in court Wednesday afternoon.