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Officer killed in line of duty honored with national hike

SPOKANE, Wash. - 20948118

Police who die in the line of duty are honored as heroes with grand funerals and memorials to celebrate their service. Now, a local cop killed in 2003 is having his honors taken to new heights.

"For me it was an honor to be able to climb for him and his family and what he did for us," said Dan Coslic.

Coslic is a search and rescue volunteer who doesn't know Deputy James Slater, but just a couple weeks ago he hiked to the top of Mount Hood for the man Spokane County misses.

The program is called Cops On Top with friends and colleagues hiking on the same day to the highest peaks in all fifty states to honor fallen heroes like James Slater.

"Got to the summit and just an incredible sunrise from the top," Coslic told us. "It just added to that, being above the clouds and being there in honor of Deputy Slater."

The Spokane County Sheriff's Department thanks Coslic for what he did; a monumental way of honoring someone who will never be forgotten.