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Officer discharges weapon while apprehending escaping prisoner at Deaconess

Officer discharges weapon while apprehending escaping prisoner at Deaconess

SPOKANE, Wash. - No one was injured after a Spokane County corrections officer discharged his weapon while apprehending a prisoner attempting to escape custody at Deaconess Hospital Monday morning.

Spokane police responded to the hospital around 2 a.m. on a report of corrections officer involved in an altercation involving a prisoner at Deaconess.

Police report a prisoner, identified by the Spokane Investigative Regional Response Team as Cameron Trevino, was on the eighth floor of the hospital awaiting a surgical procedure when he attempted to escape. The officer, who has not been identified yet, chased the prisoner down the stairwell to the fourth floor, where they were involved in an altercation.

During the altercation, and after exiting the stairwell, the officer discharged his weapon at Trevino, who was not hit. Trevino was taken back into custody.

Trevino, 26, was arrested last Friday by Spokane police for first degree assault with a firearm and unlawful possession of a firearm, which stemmed from an incident where Trevino confronted someone with the firearm.

According to court documents Trevino allegedly threatened to kill a gang member because he was made at that person for reportedly giving Trevino's girlfriend heroin.

Officers arrived at the scene within minutes of a 911 call Friday and were able to apprehend Trevino and locate the firearm, which he reportedly dropped in some bushes as he was attempting to flee.

Trevino is a felon with an extensive criminal history in Grant, Okanogan and Spokane counties as well as on the Colville Confederated Tribes reservation. Prior to 2010 he had an extensive history with tribal law enforcement, had been previously arrested for burglary in Grant County, driving without a license in Okanogan County and dangerous weapons violations in Spokane County.

In May 2010, he was arrested after a traffic stop, when tribal police officers pulled over a vehicle that matched the description of one that had been involved in a recent shooting. Trevino attempted to run from the stop but was quickly apprehended by tribal police officers. After being taken into custody officers found keys to a room at the Coulee House Motel in Coulee Dam on Trevino, went to that location and contacted his girlfriend at the room, getting her permission to search the room for evidence related to the shooting.

While searching the room officers found a gun cleaning kit, a 50 round box of .380 caliber ammunition, drug paraphernalia including baggies, spoons, razor blades, measuring scale, two marijuana plants and a baggie which the DEA later determined held eight grams of cocaine.

An arrest warrant wasn't issued for Trevino until October 2010, and when officers went to his home to take him into custody, a drug-sniffing dog alerted on several marijuana joints officers had found in the kitchen. They also found a .38 caliber pistol, a.25 caliber pistol and a Remington Model 770 .243 caliber rifle, as well as ammunition for each weapon. Trevino later admitted in custody that the guns and drugs found in his home were all his and acknowledged he wasn't allowed to possess firearms because of his previous felony conviction.

He pleaded guilty to the firearms charge and was sentenced to 16 months in prison with three years of parole after his release. Trevino was released from prison last July.

At the time of his arrest last Friday Trevino was facing a hearing, scheduled for this Wednesday, in federal court to determine whether or not he should be taken back into custody due to violating his parole. Trevino, according to court documents, allegedly sent derogatory text messages to his girlfriend, in violation of a restraining order she had barring him from contacting her.

During an initial hearing in federal court in June, prosecutors did not ask for Trevino to be taken immediately back into custody, and was allowed to remain out of jail on the condition that he complied with the conditions of his release which, after the incidents of last Friday and Monday morning he was not in compliance with the court's order to stay out of trouble.

The Spokane Investigative Regional Response Team is investigating the shooting incident at the hospital and will determine what additional charges Trevino will face for his attempted escape Monday morning.