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Octopus hunting in Puget Sound could be banned

Olympia, WA - Hunting giant Pacific octopuses in Puget Sound could be banned or restricted under regulations being considered by a state panel.

The Washington state Fish and Wildlife Commission began reviewing the rules after a diver killed an octopus in October in a popular diving area near Alki Point in Seattle. A diving instructor who arrived on the beach saw the man beating the octopus to death.

Photos of the incident outraged other divers who are familiar with octopus lairs and watch for the animals. Divers petitioned the panel to outlaw octopus hunting or to create marine preserves where they'll be safe.

Current rules allow a person with a valid state fishing license to harvest one giant Pacific octopus per day in most areas of Puget Sound.

The commission is weighing the topic at its meeting Friday and Saturday in Olympia.