YMCA's suit seeks repayment of embezzled money

LONGVIEW, Wash. - The Longview YMCA is suing to seek repayment from its former bookkeeper who embezzled half a million dollars from the nonprofit group.
The Daily News reports that 61-year-old Tomi Dupper has only repaid $350 of the $293,000 she was ordered by the court to repay. She was sentenced in 2014 to two years in prison for first-degree theft.
The YMCA sued in Cowlitz County Superior Court, alleging Dupper gave away valuable land to her daughter in 2013 to prevent it from being seized to repay the group.
Dupper, who hasn't retained an attorney, wrote to the court that she didn't give away the land to defraud the YMCA. She says her daughter wanted to build a home on the property before Dupper was fired from her job.
A YMCA attorney argued that Dupper admitted to the embezzlement in 2012, before she began transferring the land to her daughter.