Two arrested for LC Valley kidnapping

LEWISTON, Idaho - Two people have been arrested in Lewiston after a man was forced at gunpoint to go around the LC Valley withdrawing money from ATMs and purchasing expensive items.

Cheryl Bynum and John Owens were arrested in Asotin County for the bizarre kidnapping first reported on Sunday.

The victim claimed he was battered and taken from his home in Lewiston Orchards and taken to different locations around Lewiston and Clarkston, where he was forced to buy expensive items. He was also forced to withdraw money from ATMs around the valley.

He was then held against his will for nearly a day until, when he was left unattended, he escaped.

The Lewiston Police Department, supported by the Lewiston Police SWAT Team and the Asotin County Sheriff's Office, served simultaneous search warrants at 532 Burrell Ave. in Lewiston and 1360 Elm Street in Clarkston. Numerous stolen items were recovered from the Clarkston residence.

Bynum and Owens were arrested during the execution of the search warrants and were booked on multiple counts of kidnapping, robbery and burglary.