Troopers fired on man who pulled gun

PORTLAND, Ore. - State police say two troopers fired at a man who pulled a gun on them after they forced his car to stop outside the Central Oregon city of Sisters.

The man was found dead inside his car Friday, but there was no immediate word on whether the shots fired by the troopers killed him. The troopers were not hurt.

The man had been pulled over by state police on U.S. Highway 20 outside Sisters shortly before noon. State police say he pulled out a pistol, then drove off.

Troopers forced the man to stop again, this time between two patrol cars on a gravel road just off the highway. When he showed the pistol again, police say the two troopers fired.

Police did not immediately identify the officers or the man who died.

On Thursday, a motorist died in another part of Oregon after a shootout with a trooper.