Students at WSU Spokane practice for active shooter situation

Students at WSU Spokane practice for active shooter situation

SPOKANE, Wash. - Organizers say 60 health and science students volunteered in an active shooter simulation exercise at Washington State University's Nursing Department to prepare students for a tragic situation.

Averyl Shindruk is one of the many medical students involved who rushed up to the second floor Tuesday night to help aid several victims with fake gunshot wounds.

"I thought it was very real. I started getting sweaty and my heart was pounding," says Shindruk.

"You want that realism in there. You want them to feel that shocking piece. How do I move through that? How do I help a classmate? And what do I do?" says Kevin Stevens, Director of Clinical Performance and Simulation at WSU's College of Nursing.

She says it's all set up to better prepare medical students with how to care for their own classmates before first responders arrive.

"Teaching students what to do in an event of a shooter on campus and how to care for your classmate, so it's not medical care, it's called 'self aid buddy care,' so if there buddy goes down and has a gun shot, how do I put a tourniquet on? How do I stop the bleeding? How do I keep them breathing until they get medical help?" Steven says.

"Well because, in emergency situation, adrenaline is pumping. It is hard to think clearly and the more times you practice, the more comfortable you're going to feel," Shindrunk says.

Shindruk hopes to remain calm should a tragic event like this were to ever to occur on campus.

"Yeah, I mean, you always think these sorts of things can never happen to you, but they can happen anywhere, like we saw in Ohio. As a future doctor, I want to be prepared and learn to respond to help people," Shindruk says.

Stevens says they want to try and do this simulation once a semester.