Portland sees violence on day two of anti-Trump protests

Portland sees violence on day two of anti-Trump protests

SPOKANE, Wash. - Thursday night, due to what they say is "extensive criminal and dangerous behavior," Portland police now considering protests there to be riots and referring to some of the protestors as anarchists.

Demonstrators have destroyed at least nineteen cars at one dealership, busted in windows, blocked roadways and have now reportedly armed themselves with rocks.

Portland police are asking that drivers avoid engaging the protestors.

In the weeks prior to the election, President-Elect Donald Trump's comments about accepting the elections results had many expecting protests or outcry from his supporters if he lost.

But, now for a second night, rising anger and rising voices... Are coming from those against him.

In Seattle as well, protestors are speaking out:

After a morning of meetings at the White House and the Capitol, the President-Elect himself took to Twitter to address the protests, calling them both "incited by the media".. and "very unfair"

But marches aren't the only actions being taken.

Online petitions are circulating in Oregon and California to secede from the union.

There has been no large-scale activity in Spokane.

But, several peaceful gatherings or vigils have been arranged in Spokane, and the Peace and Justice Action League will host a post-election debrief event to discuss the results and their path forwards.