Police: meth-using mother wandered with child, 3

KELSO, Wash. - Police in the southwest Washington community of Kelso say they gave a cold 3-year-old girl warm clothes, food and a place to nap after her mentally incapacitated mother was picked up and admitted to a hospital.

The Daily News of Longview reports police later handed the child over to Child Protective Services.

Police said they had contacted the 25-year-old woman eight times in recent days. Each time she was wrapped in a blanket and carrying her daughter.

Early Tuesday morning, a driver reported seeing a woman wrapped in a blanket carrying a small child in the middle of a dark road. Officer Bebe McFall says both mother and child were barefoot, the blanket was covered with wet mud and the child was crying and said she was cold.

The newspaper says the woman told police and medical staff she had been using methamphetamine.