New charges filed against missing Clarkston woman's estranged husband

ASOTIN COUNTY - New charges have been filed against Rachael Anderson's estranged husband, who is also the prime suspect in her disappearance.

Charles Capone is charged with 2nd-degree assault - domestic violence. He is accused of strangling Rachael Anderson, 40, on December 27, 2009. She filed for divorce from Capone in January 2010. Anderson was last seen on April 16, 2010.

Capone is serving time in federal prison on a weapons charge. He's scheduled to be released on Wednesday. Asotin County Sheriff Ken Bancroft said Capone has been serving his time in a halfway house in King County. A detainer has been placed on him, requiring him to return to Asotin County by Friday. Bond on the new charge is set at $250,000.

Capone is considered the prime suspect in Anderson's disappearance. She filed for divorce from Capone after three months of marriage. Capone has a history of domestic violence. In 1997, he allegedly threatened to break into the home of a Moscow doctor. He also threatened to rape her and her daughter, and then kill himself. In 2006, Capone also allegedly stood over his ex-wife in Florida and threatened to kill her. Bancroft says they have a solid case against Capone and "he won't be touching dry dirt until we are done with him."

Prior to her disappearance Anderson had been receiving strange text messages and her tires on her SUV were slashed. After her disappearance investigators found her cell phone in a field outside Lewiston and while her SUV was found parked in Lewiston.

Anderson's body has never been found.

Mia Carlson from Big Country 97.7 contributed to this report.