Man leaves $5k tip at Port Orchard bar

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -  The staff at a Port Orchard bar will be sharing a $5,000 tip left by an anonymous customer.

The Kitsap Sun reports the 11 employees who worked the late shift at MoonDogs, Too on Friday will share the gratuity left that night by the man. Restaurant owner Darryl Baldwin said the transaction from the man's American Express account was credited to the bar Tuesday morning. Baldwin and bar manager Tracy Nickerson were waiting to distribute the windfall until the credit was verified.

The customer -- under the handle (at)tipsforjesus -- has been giving similar big tips over the past couple of months from Chicago to Los Angeles. His tab at MoonDogs totaled $576.50.

The stranger's drink of choice was Maker's Mark bourbon, and he ordered a round of Fireball (a cinnamon-flavored whiskey) for everyone. Nickerson says he had to scramble to find enough shot glasses for the crowd of about 100.