Kids at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital react to lights in Cowley Park

Kids at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital react to lights in Cowley Park

SPOKANE, Wash. - The KXLY 4 Extreme Team worked throughout the week to bring a holiday surprise to the children at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Like his hall-mates in the oncology wing... 10-year-old Josh Wigen has been keeping an eye on Cowley Park all week, eagerly awaiting the first signs of the Christmas season.

He's been watching this all week just all week and nobody wants to be in the hospital period, especially during the holidays," said his mom, Jen Wigen.

Tonight, the KXLY 4 Extreme Team brought the holidays to them.

The sky lit up with colors and decorations just outside their windows- just like home.

"One of the things that our kids miss the most about the holidays is decorating and the lights and driving around and seeing lights around town and so this brings that to them," said child life specialist Amanda Reed.

Josh's favorite part?

"Hmm... how the colors just mesh together, and they make it look cool," he said.

He's one of many children these lights shine for.

During a season that's made for coming together, it can be heartbreaking to be stuck, apart.

"You're away from family, and then the realism that what you're going through it, that your life is down a different path than you thought it was going to be, said Jen Wigen.

It's why the lights in Cowley Park mean more than holiday spirit to these families.

In the darkness, there's light, and exactly what we have here, and the dark park and the light and the inner spirit. Josh really embraces courage hope and strength and that's the lights do," she said.