Historic Campbell House haunts Halloween crowd

Historic Campbell House haunts Halloween crowd

SPOKANE, Wash. - Short of collecting as much candy as your pillow case can hold, what better way to spend Halloween than at a spooky, creepy old mansion? The Campbell House in Browne's Addition opened its doors to trick-or-treaters looking to escape the rain Monday night.

The house was built in 1898, so you had the chance to step back in time and take a tour of the haunted home.

"It's an open house format so you kind of get to explore at your own pace. Maybe take about an hour to go through the house," Logan Camporeale, Volunteer Coordinator at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, said.

This is the second year the MAC hosted Halloween at the Campbell House and organizers say it's easy to get it ready for the spooky night.

"This place is perfect for Halloween. It just lends well to it. You don't have to decorate much. You just let people come in and the spookiness just speaks for itself," he said.

With a scavenger hunt and a craft room, there was plenty for little ghosts and goblins to do. They also left with a handful of candy.

"Everybody has their own experience inside the house. It's just a fun and safe place for little guys to come. Although, we've had a bunch of adults that have wanted to come and check it too," Camporeale said.

Tickets sold out before the event started, but Camporeale says they're going to organize the event differently next year to give even more people the opportunity to see The Campbell House.