Family recovering from weekend house fire

Family recovering from weekend house fire

SPOKANE, Wash. - Family of an Otis Orchards woman badly burned in a house fire is hoping to raise enough money to buy his sister a new home.

Angel Fiorini received third-degree burns to much of her body when she saved her 7-year-old daughter from their burning home in the 6000 block of North Starr Rd. Fiorini and her daughter are still recovering at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Now, David Fiorini, a relative of her boyfriend, is planning a benefit concert to raise money for the family. David, who lives in Arizona, says he hopped on a plane to Seattle as soon as he heard what happened so he could be with his sister.

"She told me she knew when she went back in, she wasn't going to make it. But, if [her daughter] was going to go, she was going to go too," he said.

Knowing his nephew's girlfriend was left with nothing, David decided to contact some of his musician friends. He used to play in a band in Spokane, and now musicians from around the community are donating their time Saturday, Nov. 5 to help the Fiorini begin to rebuild.

"All the musicians in town are coming together to donate their time and they're going to have a spaghetti feed, Joey's supplying that. All the money goes straight to the family," David said.

He says the event will likely charge $10 at the door. He's hoping they can at least raise enough money to help Angel put a down payment on a manufactured home.

And this isn't the only event raising money for Angel. Spokane Valley Fire Department Station #4 will also be holding an open house Saturday. They will be taking donations at the event for the Fiorini family.

David says he's spent the last three days with Angel in Seattle and she's recovering well. He also says he would like to meet the man who was driving by and saw Angel collapsed in her doorway before pulling her to safety.

*Corrections: David Fiorini was incorrectly identified as Angel Fiorini's brother in this article. He is actually a relative of Angel's boyfriend. She has a brother named David, but he shares a different last name. Angel's daughter was also mistakenly identified as 6 years old. She is 7 years old.