Dog rescued after spending six days in car

Seattle police say a small dog was rescued, shaking and frightened, from a car in a West Seattle parking lot after security guards called 911.

KOMO-TV reports that one guard told police he thought the car had been parked in the same spot for at least six days and wasn't sure how long the dog had been alone there.

The pug-beagle mix named Zipper was rescued early Sunday.

Don Baxter is manager of animal care and volunteer programs for the Seattle Animal Shelter. He says being cooped up in a car can be deadly for dogs even on a relatively cool day.

Police were unable to find the car's owner because it had been recently sold, so they removed Zipper and handed him over to the shelter.

Investigators say the man responsible for caring for the dog is the owner's boyfriend, who was taking care of Zipper while the owner is away.

Baxter says shelter staff plan to talk to the man about proper dog care.