Deputy in fatal Seattle shooting wrestled 2 men

SEATTLE - Court documents indicate that a King County sheriff's deputy who fatally shot an armed man at a light-rail station actually found himself struggling with two young men after he was called to assist Sound Transit fare enforcement officers.

The Seattle Times reports that a document outlining the police case says three young men with backpacks were escorted off a train at the Sodo Station south of downtown Seattle on Monday by the fare enforcement officers, who called a deputy to help them.

Police say one 23-year-old man refused to identify himself, then pulled out a handgun. The document says the deputy wrestled with him and grabbed the man's wrist while drawing his own gun. During that struggle, a second 23-year-old man grabbed the deputy's wrist and arm from behind. Police say that after the deputy broke free and the first 23-year-old was shot, the second man surrendered.

Bail for that second man is set at $100,000. He was arrested for investigation of unlawful possession of a firearm and assaulting an officer. The third man was questioned and released.

Neither the deputy nor the man who died has been identified.