Colbert murder trial now set for Wednesday

Colbert murder trial set for Tuesday

SPOKANE, Wash. - On Wednesday, opening arguments are set to begin in the Roy Murry murder trial.

Murry is suspected of committing a triple murder in Colbert. Wash. that claimed the life of Spokane fire lieutenant and his family in May 2015.

There is a long list of restrictions posted for the media covering this trial, and the court is not releasing the identity of its jurors.

Lay witnesses have the right not to be photographed if they feel being on camera would impede their testimony. Those witnesses have good reason to be nervous; Murry has been described by his former military colleagues as a "killing machine."

It is for that reason that some of the people testifying against Murry worry if Murry not convicted, they could be his next targets.

"Every time that I know of Mr. Murry being contacted he has been armed with not just one, but several weapons to include body armor," Spokane County Sheriff, Ozzie Knezovich told KXLY 4 News.

Murry is suspected of killing his estranged wife's mother, brother and stepfather in and around their Colbert home, and setting the place on fire.

"The fires were started, in our opinion to cover up any evidence at the crime scene," Sheriff Knezovich said.

However, the fire did not destroy the shell casings fired from the murder weapon. The same brand and caliber found in Murry's car. However, detectives have not found that pistol and have no eye witnesses.

This is a largely circumstantial case so the prosecution will be relying heavily on the strength of its witness' testimony. The fact there are three murder victims in this case has made finding an impartial jury that much more difficult; a lot of prospective jurors say they just can not make time for a five week long trial.