Clarkston boy recovers from rattlesnake bite

Clarkston boy recovers from rattlesnake bite

CLARKSTON, Wash. - A six year old Clarkston boy is recovering in a Spokane hospital after he was bitten by a rattlesnake Saturday evening.

Courtney Hines says her son Kayden and another little girl were checking out two tents at Drive Down Beach on the Snake river when he was bit.

"We just let them run up there, and Kayden ran up first and the snake jumped out," Hines said.

She said she saw blood coming from his leg where he had been bitten. Nearby beach goers told the family to wrap a tourniquet around his leg and head for the hospital.

"I've never heard him scream like that," Hines said. "It was the worst crying ever and there was nothing I could do but drive like 90 miles an hour to the hospital."

The family went to one hospital and then to a second one before Kayden was flown to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane.

He was given an anti-venom every six hours and pain medication.

"He's definitely a fighter and he is definitely very tough," Hines said. "He's definitely ready to go home, he's ready to go home and play. He doesn't want to go back to that beach ever again."