City works to remove homeless camp near local high school

City works to remove homeless camp near local high school

SPOKANE, Wash. - A transient camp across the street from a Spokane high school has concerned members of the community.

KXLY 4 viewers reached out, sending pictures of the camp under the Interstate 90 overpass.

Spokane Police has been working with both the school and the residents of the camp, trying to peacefully maintain local security.

"I think everybody should work together and the police force... be in accord with the homeless," said Jeremy Ramsey, a resident at the camp.

Ramsey and his neighbors were evicted from the camp today. They have 24 hours to vacate, and police will be checking the area in the morning to ensure everyone has cleared out.

Local shelters will open their doors to the displaced residents.

"We don't support camps, and that's why we're really committed to being a partner in this 24/7," said Nadine Van Stone, who works with the House of Charity.

Homelessness affects hundred of people in Spokane.

The city is currently working on a 24 hours a day, seven days a week shelter system to provide a constant place for homeless people to find warmth.

That system won't be fully functional until January, While they wait for funding, shelters are doing what they can to increase accessibility.

"We just started overflow sleeping last night, so that anybody can come and take advantage of that," Van Stone said.

Overflow sleeping further decreases the number of hours that homeless people in Spokane are without a place to be inside.

"Really, for the safety for the people that are camping, and for the community. It's much better if people have a place to stay," Van Stone said.

As the weather begins to grow colder, increasing accessibility to shelter is important to keep all members of our community safe.

"We're part of the community too," said Ramsey. "My heart goes out for my brother's and sisters out here because the struggle is real," he said.