Barefoot Bandit Won't Profit From Movie

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Barefoot Bandit, who led police on a cross country crime spree and made a stop in North Idaho, may soon be on the big screen.

Thursday, an attorney for 20-year-old Colton Harris-Moore announced the infamous criminal has inked a $1.3 million dollar deal with 20th Century Fox.

However, Harris-Moore will never see a dime. Under a plea deal, all money made off his story will go toward paying off his victims, including a North Idaho man.

In September of 2009, Harris-Moore stole Pat Gardiner's $340,000 Cessna from the Boundary County Airport. A few days later, a logger discovered the destroyed plane in Snohomish County.

During his two year crime spree, Harris-Moore stole two planes, a boat and burglarized several homes and businesses along the way. He was finally captured in the Bahamas in July of 2010.

Thursday night, Gardiner said he wasn't surprised by the movie deal but didn't want to comment any further.

A Seattle newspaper reports a screenplay is already in the works.

Harris-Moore will be sentenced in October on seven federal felony charges.