North Idaho

Women come together for Kootenai County Habitat for Humanity project

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Habitat for Humanity is building its 37th home in Kootenai County and they have a special group helping out on the big project.

"Today we are building a house ... I am so excited," Holly Forshe said.

The house that Holly is working on is being built by a group of 70 women who volunteered as part of Women's Build Week.

"Women built the house; we can do it …a little Rosie the Riveter," Forshe said.

Habitat for Humanity house build

Holly Forshe means business.

"I don't have any experience with power tools and I thought how fun would that be and already I'm great with a nail gun and I feel powerful," she said.

They may not have had any experience when they started, but as their work progresses they're mastering all the tools of the trade to build a house from the foundation up to the roof.

"Someone is going to own this house and they are going to love it," Forshe said. "We came out as a community and did something special for other community members."

These ladies building this home love giving back to their community.

"I'm a single mom myself and I have been helped out by the community several times and it's great to turn around and reverse roles and help out another people," Laura Carmean said.

Nationally, 2,100 habitat homes have been built by women. It's not about excluding men so much as to challenge women by giving them a chance to learn about construction.

"I always wanted to be familiar with power tools and not be afraid of them, and so this breaks down my fears and you are like you can do it," Forshe said.