North Idaho

Woman attacked with hammer prepares for brain surgery

BAYVIEW, Idaho. - A North Idaho woman hit in the head by a hammer wielding neighbor is preparing for her fourth brain surgery.

In two weeks, doctors will take a piece of bone from Lorraine Wallis' hip to repair her skull.

In December of 2009, Wallis was hit in the head twice with a hammer by her neighbor, Larry Cragun.  Wallis' son, grandson and daughter in law, Patricia Heath were also hit with a hammer.  Heath died from her injuries.

"She was our life," said Wallis, from her Bayview, Idaho home on Sunday.

Woman attacked with hammer prepares for brain surgery

Two weeks ago , Cragun pleaded guilty to murder, attempted murder and two counts of aggravated battery.

Wallis was in the courtroom when he entered his plea.

"It kinda was a big relief," she said.
The court hearing was the first time Wallis had been face to face with Cragun since the attack.

"It was totally shocking. It just blew me away," she said.

In addition to surgery, Wallis said she started attending to church to help her forgive. 

In a jailhouse interview with KXLY, Cragun said he attacked Wallis and her family because they were harassing him.  He also accused the government of building a brain wave generator in Lake Pend Oreille to invade his mind.

Cragun will be sentenced in May.