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What's hot in KXLY's annual Toy Test

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Toy Test pt 2 vo

It's the question many parents want answered: What do you get the kids for Christmas? Well, never fear! KXLY is here with the results of our annual Toy Test!

Our team of toy testers had dozens of toys to play with ranging from arts and crafts to board games.

Let's start with ones the girls enjoy.

"The glitter tattoos I really loved," toy tester Gabbi Mendoza said.

Tattoos as a toy? Parents, don't freak out. They aren't permanent but they are all the rage.

"They were pretty fun. I have a unicorn on my hand," toy tester Bella Burt said.

Six-year-old Rachel Corette hopes her parents put this toy under the Christmas tree.

"Well most kids don't get tattoos a lot so that's why they probably should buy them," Corette said.

Parents, we do want to warn you it does get a bit messy. Be prepared to have some glitter on your dining room table.

The girls also loved the X-treme Sticker Maker Set. You can make a sticker with anything you want like catalogs and magazines. You just slide it into the sticker maker, pull it out, peel and in a few seconds you have a sticker.

As for the boys, once again the shooting toys are very popular. When boys need to release some of their pent-up energy, we have found the perfect toy.

"I like the thing where you get into the air-filled thing and bump into someone else," toy tester Tyler Hart said.

They're called Sumo Bumper Boopers, and they are a hit. So what about toys both boys and girls can enjoy? There are plenty of those like Tenzi, which is similar to the popular Yahtzee. The goal is to get all your dice on the same number.

"Tenzi is very fun, it's a very fast game. That's probably my favorite game," Hart said.

It's also great for traveling but it's just one of many popular games. The kids also enjoyed Squarrels and Riff Raff.

"Some really good family home games that keep you on your toes," toy tester Joshua Zeff said.

In Riff Raff, each player is given a handful of item. You place them on a ship and the goal is to try to get rid of all your pieces first.

"You have to have a lot of dexterity and balance just to get that piece on there," Zeff said.

While there are so many toys to choose from, seven-year-old Bella Burt didn't care. She fell in love right away. Hours went by and Burt couldn't step away from her toy pony.

"You get to sit on it and pretend like you are riding on it, you can close your eyes and imagine," Burt said.

Parents, this year let your imagination run wild while picking out the perfect presents.

"Go outside the box, get something different, most likely he or she will like it," toy tester Sam Davis said.

Here are some toy testing tips:

  • Tip 1: It doesn't have to be all fun and games! Find toys that will challenge your kids and get them learning new things.
  • Tip 2: Get something the whole family can enjoy like a board game!
  • Tip 3: Just have fun!

When you hit the toy store this season, follow the advice of this dynamite dozen! They did all the heavy lifting and now all you have to do is swipe the plastic.