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Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

Waspocalypse! How to protect your home against pests this summer

POST FALLS, Idaho - A very nice looking forecast for the Memorial Day weekend but some uninvited guests could disrupt your party or picnic as yellow jackets are already showing up in record numbers.

Experts say there are an unprecedented number of yellow jacket queens flying around this spring and they threaten to breed clouds of offspring. If you don't like having your barbecue buzzed it's time to start your battle against yellow jackets now.

The people who put out their yellow jacket traps early this year are seeing some disturbing results.

Queens are emerging in record numbers after fattening up during a long and mild fall.

"Well the large number of queens that we're seeing right now kind of really adds up to a perfect storm for hornets and yellow jackets this summer," Stephanie Cates with Rescue Pest Products said.

Right now queens are looking for nesting spots. If they find a suitable throne in your yard, your trouble with yellow jackets will multiply.

"Each yellow jacket queen can represent 200 to 2000 yellow jackets later on this summer depending on the colony size," Alyssa Ando with Rescue Pest Products said.

Yellow jackets serve their purpose in nature by eating other pests and disposing of carrion but they've gotten a break from the weather two years running and threaten to royally ruin a lot of you outdoor activities.

"It is critical to keep using the traps every little bit helps, every queen you catch is one less next that won't be around later this summer," Cates said.

There are a variety of traps on the market, you can even have limited success with a homemade one by hanging a piece of meat over a pot of soapy water, but the point is to start trapping yellow jackets now.