North Idaho

Two people accused of robbing Lewiston Rite-Aid

LEWISTON, Idaho - A woman is in jail on suspicion of robbing the pharmacy department at the Lewiston Rite-Aid.

According to Lewiston police, just before 9 p.m. Tuesday, Jamie Aubrey, 31, passed a threatening note to the pharmacy clerk and demanded prescription narcotics.

Rite-Aid workers followed the woman outside, where she jumped into a waiting vehicle.

Police said they found that car at 17th Street and 23rd Avenue shortly after it was reported. Inside the car, police said they found clothes that were used as a disguise in the robbery, and the stolen narcotics.

When she was interviewed by police, Aubrey admitted to passing the note and robbing the store.

David Evans, 26, was also arrested. Both were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy and robbery.

Police said no weapon was found on Aubrey or Evans.