North Idaho

Turkey fryer fire burns Post Falls home

POST FALLS, Idaho - Turkey fryer fire

An unattended turkey fryer ended up burning a home on North Lynnwood Court in Post Falls.

The homeowner was warming up their fryer and left it unattended. The heat from the propane burner apparently ignited other items on their porch and when they came back out to check on it flames had spread from the turkey fryer to the house's vinyl siding.

"I was over at the Love's gas station getting some gas, I'd seen some fire coming from the back porch of a house and there wasn't much smoke so I figured it had just started so I called 911 and they said they had just found out about it," eyewitness Richard Henderson said.

Bud Bendele spotted the fire from his driveway and attempted to keep the flames away from the home.

"Went over there and took both fire extinguishers that I had, hit the base and almost totally wiped out the flames but when I came back to get another fire extinguisher it had picked up again and it just wasn't enough," he said.

Post Falls firefighters were able to get the fire under control. No one was hurt.

Neighbors have offered to help salvage the family's holiday.

"They have places to stay and have friends all around here and family close so they'll be well taken care of and I offered them, anything they need, to just let me know," Bendele said.

There is extensive damage to the back of the house; the homeowners probably can't stay in the home due to fire, smoke and water damage and will probably stay at a neighbor's house. Firefighters think this family will be able to quickly rebuild the damaged parts of their home.