North Idaho

Thieves carry off saplings for giveaway

POST FALLS, Idaho - An Arbor Day celebration turned sour this weekend when someone carried off 40 saplings intended for the public.

Of the three-thousand trees to be donated, all but 40 were gone by the end of Saturday. Those were left out overnight at the Q'emlin Park boat launch for the next day, but thieves had other plans.

"You know, theft is theft," said Post Falls Parks and Recreation Director Davie Fairs. "They took them even though we had them set for somebody else. They took them. That's wrong."

Thieves carry off saplings for giveaway

By Monday, cars were lined up to receive the last of the trees and had to be turned away empty handed.

The giveaway limits families to three trees, but it seems a few bad apples have already found a way to turn some of those freebies around for cash on Craigslist.

"Ninety percent of the people are great. They play by the rules and they plant the trees and it's been a great addition," Fairs said.

Either way, the Parks Department says this year's giveaway has been a success, and even though they had a theft they look forward to doing it again.