North Idaho

Suspicious package left at Sen. Risch's office filled with Halloween candy

Man who left envelope at Sen. Risch's office in protective custody for mental health issues

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Suspicious package vo

A suspicious package left at Senator Jim Risch's Coeur d'Alene office Monday morning turned out to be a manila envelope filled with lollipops and a rambling message to government officials about a parking ticket.

The discovery of the package prompted the deployment of the Spokane Police Bomb Squad to assist in determining what was inside the envelope, left in the window of Risch's office, located in the Harbor Plaza Shopping Center near the intersection of Hubbard Avenue and Northwest Boulevard in Coeur d'Alene.

Police cleared neighboring offices and stores next to Risch's office around 9:30 a.m. while the bomb squad investigated the package. Employees at the office say they thought the envelope was suspicious because it had postage that wasn't stamped, it was bulky and addressed to Congressman Labrador, whose office was nearby.

Situations like this are taken very serious by both the Coeur d'Alene Police Department and the employees at the senator's office; while the bomb squad determined the package was filled with nothing more than leftover Halloween candy, they chose to err on the side of caution.

Coeur d'Alene Police say the 40-year-old man who delivered the manila envelope is now in protective custody because of mental health issues. Aside from the candy, he delivered a rambling message to several government officials where he complained about a parking ticket.

In an unrelated incident the man is also accused of stalking a library employee.