North Idaho

Storm crushes cars, motorhomes at Silverwood

Storm crushes cars, motorhomes at Silverwood

ATHOL, Idaho - North Idaho didn't escape the wrath of Wednesday night's storm. About 100 trees were uprooted at Silverwood RV Park, crushing cars and motorhomes.

"It was pretty scary to see everything fallen down around you," said RV owner Ernie Power.

Power was inside his RV when the powerful storm ripped through.

"Kids toys were blowing and I had to step out and get them and that's when trees started coming down," said Power.

Ernie couldn't believe all the destruction from the trees that smashed his motorhome within five minutes.

"Had one hit the front, one hit the back, one when across and covered our car," Power said.

"We have never seen anything like it, the park has been here for about 27 years and we have never seen anything this strong come through our park," said Silverwood employee Mark Robitaille.

Now it's clean-up time. Almost 40 employees were out on Thursday, picking up tree branches and cleaning the mess Mother Nature left behind.

The storm packed a powerful punch, and turned a typically peaceful place into a disaster zone.

Power is staying positive though. What's most important? He's safe and his fellow campers are too.

"The best news we had is that nobody was hurt throughout the entire park," Power said.

The staff hope to have the RV park open again on Friday.